The XYRIS 2000 TL is a versatile machine, integrating size and speed in one convenient package. It is a medium level system and can be manufactured to a variety of specifications encompassing a range of sensor and motion system options. Systems are typically up to 200mm x 300mm scanning areas but larger variants are available on request. The triangulation laser offers high speed scanning at low cost. The XYRIS 2000 can also be supplied with the WL and CL sensors (see sensors section).

XYRIS 2000TL system with 100mm x 100mm motion system and an automatic Z stage for adjustment of the sensor stand off distance.
Above shows Ishnoptilus elegant, right fore- and hind- wings (MNHN-LP-R.51288), related to Odonata (damselfly, dragonfly), Commentary, Allier, France, 300 Mio years (Upper Carboniferous) measured with a XYris 2000TL at a resolution of 481 x 321 points over an area of 24.0 x 16.0mm with a 50um grid resolution in X, Y plane.