TaiCaan Technologies offers customers a number of unique analysis tools. Many of these features are world leading, and are supported with leading scientific journal publications.

Surface Data and Metrology using BODDIES

The data generated by the XYris systems is available as a 3D surface map. Therefore standard tasks such as extraction of surface information; wear analysis, feature measurement, profiling cross sections, roughness and form analysis, and volume calculation are easy to perform and built into our stand alone analysis package BODDIES, with a wide range of common 2D and 3D parameters provided to standard (ISO and ANSI).

Data can be exported as 3D files, images and traces enabling the creation of professional reports in minutes. Export to other formats, including human readable TXT and CSV, ensure you have transparent access to your raw data and can analyse using other tools and methods as required.

24mm x 16mm - 1mm high fossilised dragonfly wing
15mm x 15mm - 20um deep tribometer wear scar